Feeding the Hungry Ministry

Stories of Faith in Action

Thank you for your generosity as our congregation reached out to the community around us to share the everlasting love of Jesus Christ by doing our part to feed our hungry brothers and sisters. With the lens of God’s mission and justice, we looked and listened to our neighbors in both our local and global communities. We generously shared over $3,750 to the ELCA World Hunger from our Lenten offering, $1,000 to the Baltimore area churches, fully stocked Resurrection's food pantry, sent over 1,000 pounds of food to the Placer Food Bank, sent 50 college students a Starbucks gift card and letters of love and encouragement from the congregation, served 80 women and children at St. John's Program for Real Change, tended the Placer Community Garden by weeding and planting beans, served 11 families at Lutheran Social Services, served over 70 people at the Gathering Inn, went on a tour of the Gathering Inn to learn more about their facility, served 70 people at St. Vincent de Paul, and many other individual acts of kindness and love.

Through our compassion and service, we helped others going through challenges in their lives. Something special happens when we come together to impact the lives of others.”

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