Priceless Purls and Sunrise Christian Food Ministry

The woman paused outside the doors, her hand on the handle, and took a breath.  It was her first day back at work since she’d started treatment.  There was a card on her nightstand signed by everyone in her department, and two of her co-workers had come to see her in the hospital a few weeks ago, but this was her first time seeing everyone since she’d lost her hair.  She tugged down on her hat self-consciously for a moment and had to smile.  The warm, hand-knitted hat had been a constant through her battle with cancer and the feel of the yarn under her fingers gave her the confidence she needed to push open the doors.  She waved a cheery hello to Charlie, who worked the front desk, and knew that everything was going to turn out alright.

For people undergoing the massive stress of medical issues, every little bit helps.  A simple hand-made hat has the potential to mean so much to someone who feels lost.  It can mean a stylish boost of confidence to patients undergoing chemotherapy and an often-needed reminder that they are loved.  Other times, a hat can mean a mother’s comfort in knowing that her newborn is warm through the chilly winter nights.

Priceless Purls is a service group at Resurrection that provides these reminders of love through the hats and scarves they make.  Their name is a creative play on words, as a purl is a commonly used knitting stitch.  The group began in April of 2005, and since that time they’ve donated more than 10,000 items.  The 17 active members gave out nearly 1,000 hats last year and over than 50 scarves.  They meet every first Monday of the month at 10 am in the Fellowship Hall and new members are always welcome.  They use knitting, crocheting, and sewing to complete their gifts, but if you don’t have experience, they are happy to teach you how to make the hats and scarves.  This group really is a “purl” and does so much to help the community.  We’re so proud to have them here at Resurrection.  


The Sunrise Christian Food Ministry is run by Advent Lutheran Church located at 5901 San Juan Ave, Citrus Heights and provides food to those in need in the community.

Rita lives in a low-income senior housing site near Citrus Heights.  She worked her entire life and had all that life could offer and saved, but a divorce in her later adult years left her without many of the funds she now needs.  Much of what she did save for her retirement years is now gone.  She receives Social Security, but her current monthly income isn’t enough to get through every month.  When asked about her food situation, she said, “There are days I do without or eat only one meal.  That is difficult especially since I have regular medications to take and I don’t feel well taking them on an empty stomach.” 

Sheryl has lupus and rheumatoid arthritis and can no longer work as a pre-school teacher. Today, she lives on $700/month disability payments. Due to her illness, Sheryl is on a gluten free diet and appreciates the fact that she’s able to get gluten free items, which are often very expensive, at the Food Closet. According to Sheryl, the Food Closet “helps me get through the month.”  "I am very grateful that this resource is available. It isn't a hassle to get help, and that's nice. I'm thankful and appreciative that our community has it."