John and Roberta Pearson and ALOA

ALOA (Adult Lutheran Outdoor Adventures)

ALOA began because of our love for the outdoors…. Or because we wanted to introduce people to nature and God’s handiwork…which is all true.   BUT --  ALOA began quite simply way back in 1997 when John decided that all we did for fellowship at Resurrection was get together and eat!    Even though he loved our pot-lucks and other activities, it all centered around eating, from his point of view.  So we talked to a few friends  -- Melodee Mathay (then Melodee Anderson), Marina Smith, Herb Mathay were interested right away -- had a meeting, and ALOA was born to get us outside and keep us active.

A bike ride from Guy West Bridge near Sac State to Old Sacramento on November 8, 1997, was our first activity.  Fifteen  people participated:  Dawn Burley and sister Kim, Les Polette, Lynn Sciorelli  (now Toth), Gloria Roberts,  Dave and Josie Freiberg,  Melodee Anderson , Herb Mathay, Michelle and Fred Larsh, Marina Smith (and Richard who met us for lunch), and us.

Melodee was our first chair and continued for many years; Roger Littlejohn took over for a year or two, and we stepped up a couple years ago.   Since 1997 we’ve sponsored 6 to 8 activities per year, usually including  a weekend away and a planning meeting.  We’ve had activities all over northern California from Santa Cruz north to Castle Craig State Park.   Hiking is our most common activity though we usually include a bike ride and a snowshoe event each year and sometimes, a kayaking/canoeing event.   ALOA is loosely organized, depending on the interest of various Resurrection members to sponsor activities --doing the planning and leading.

Although we formed the group to get us outside, it has become a great source of fellowship while providing us with many opportunities to enjoy and appreciate God’s creation.   And because we work so hard, we develop great appetites and always follow up our activities with a meal, of course!

Come and join us on one of our next activities!

John and Roberta Pearson