Life Groups

Life Groups:

Let me just say... God is amazing! God is incredible! God is so very loving. I know this because I experience his love and passion through my life group and I am constantly amazed how his presence is so abundant in our group! I'm not sure how others would describe our group, but I feel we were hand-picked by God to come together in fellowship, love and support through our book discussions, sharing and life experiences. We are a group of ordinary individuals that come together with a fire for God in our hearts growing our faith in extraordinary ways through the love and support of each other. At first, I must say, I made the comment to God to attend life groups because I felt like God wanted me to form relationships with people at Resurrection. I didn't understand why because I had my own little group of peeps at Resurrection I hung with and connected with each week. But now, after being in our group, because of the love and compassion we have for one another, I believe God has molded me and formed me and placed a light inside of me that is so bright. I have gained a love for every person and grown beautiful friendships, in which, God delights. The testimony of each individual is shared, accepted and cherished as we walk together in our life group family. Prayer, love, laughter, sorrow, pain.... I'm not alone, because God has circled us up to be His hands, His love, His voice to one another! Amen, right?  - Misty Lee Lampshire