God's Work. Our Hands.

God’s Work. Our Hands:

The 2015 God’s Work. Our Hands project was developed with two components - A time to build unity and relationships within our congregation with a “Gathering” and time to “Send or Scatter” into the community to build unity and relationships with our community partner organizations. 


The Gathering was an inter-generational event and we invited our neighbors to join us in projects of care for our community and world.  We made fleece blankets and school kits for Lutheran World Relief, planter boxes for residents at Sacramento Emergency Housing,  food bags for homeless served through Placer Food Bank,  school kits for Lutheran Social Services, cards for Resurrection members battling illness, aundry bags for WIND youth, quillows for the Placer Emergency Shelter, baptismal napkins, and advocacy awareness for Bread for the World.  One member commented “I loved the diverse group of workers we had -- truly all ages with many skills were represented and worked on many different kinds of projects. I felt like we truly pulled together  to do God's work and help people”.

Resurrection teams ‘scattered’ to eight areas in our local community to work with our neighbors serving meals, cleaning houses, collecting, distributing and harvesting food, doing crafts and playing games with children.  We served with the Salvation Army, St. John’s Program for Real Change, Gathering Inn, Courage House, Orangevale Food Bank, River City Food Bank, Placer Community Gardens, and Lutheran Social Services.

 “At River City Food Bank, we greeted each client by name and each 'partnered' with an individual client for their entire "shopping" experience. They were given the opportunity to select food items they specifically desired and directed to additional items related to their specific needs. Again the process focused on respect and dignity. Clients came, not to receive a handout, but to participate in a brief personal relationship with someone who was truly concerned with helping meet their needs”.

“At both the River City Food Bank and the Salvation Army Breakfast, the service provided to those in need, was focused on respect and dignity for the guests. The love and caring were palpable”.