Ministry in Action

Stephen Ministry:

"I had visited a woman with cancer several times.  She had stopped all treatments and was in the final stages.  However she had a very clear view of her faith and her walk with Christ.  We read the bible together and prayed together.  I realized it had been some time since she had been to church and asked if she would like me to bring her communion.  She liked that idea.  The next day I checked out one of the communion kits from under the Altar.  When I got to her house, her daughter and son-in-law were there.  We all shared the Eucharist.  A few days later she died.  It was a special privilege to share her last communion with her and her family.  Her deep faith and peace was an inspiration."   - Joanne Auerbach’s Ministry –Mt. Cross Camp: 

Every late winter we take a group of 3-6th graders to Mt. Cross for a synod retreat. We leave on Friday afternoon and come home Sunday evening.  This past year most of our kids were going their second time  to the retreat so they knew what to expect at the camp and were able to show a couple of first time campers the ropes. While I always feel God’s presence at these events, I specifically felt and saw it at Sunday worship this year. We were all gathered at the outdoor chapel and the kids were singing camp songs and worshiping together. As I looked across the room, I saw a group of our boys sitting with their new friends singing, some loudly and some in a whisper, all together. These are kids who generally are not into singing and don’t seem engaged in worship but here they sat surrounded by those who were strangers two days prior compelled to worship. At lunch on the way home I asked one of the boys what they enjoyed most about camp and their response was being around kids like them, who believed and didn’t make fun of them for that. So often we forget the reality that these kids live in which is that they can more quickly find someone to tell them their beliefs are wrong than they can find someone to support and stand with them. It is moments like this that you know God is there and is creating a lasting presence with them.  - Katie Stabler

Wednesday Night Live:

For the past year I have been trying to figure out how to get more involved at LCR beyond Sunday worship, but have been a little hesitant as we,  just like many of you, lead busy lives trying to meet the constant demands of work, school and extra-curricular activities.  Wednesday Night Live (WNL) has been a great vehicle for adding worship into my week and for getting to know the members of our congregation.   WNL gave me the opportunity to meet the people I routinely communed with or praised God’s name in song with, but never knew their first names.  Through weekly, small group discussions, I saw myself in many of the personal stories shared, and it created a desire in me to add more prayer in my day to strengthen my relationship with God.  My kids always looked forward to snack time and engaging in table talk discussions with folks of all ages. There is a little something for everyone at Wednesday Night Live, so I encourage you to come check it out when it starts up again in 2016!     - Kary Pedeupe