More Faith in Action

Contemplative Prayer:

I have been doing Contemplative Prayer Practice for over 10 years.  The practice has blessed me in many ways.  Doing Lectio Divina has deepened my personal connection with The Living Word of God.  Each time I read Lectio style it seems as if I hear something new that God is speaking to me, and the reading opens me more fully to God's Word.  I find it to be comforting, and it invites me into an ever-deepening relationship with The Holy.

The meditative practice of Centering Prayer helps me live more fully into what has been my favorite scripture for decades which is  Psalms 46:10:  "Be still and know that I am God."  I find that the stillness of Centering Prayer invites me to listen at an ever-deepening level to God speaking to me.  The mystics have said that silence is God's primary language.  I have found that to be true through the Centering Prayer practice.   - Tanda Ainsworth




Playground Repair:


My son James and I participated in Resurrection playground repair work. Over three weekends, 10 to 15 "Resurrectioners" showed up early on Saturday morning, worked until four and came back the next day to work after the Sunday Service. Removal of a concrete slab, digging a trench to replace a drainage system, removal of a tree and the repair of retaining wall; hard work never felt more like fellowship! We bonded over jokes, pizza, learning new skills, and sharing of life experiences. James learned how to operate a backhoe, how to do concrete finishing, and learned he can have fun with people much older than he is.  "For you make me glad by your deeds, Lord; I sing for joy at what your hands have done." - Psalm 92:4 

- Eric Msechu

World Vision:

As the result of God’s love and another Resurrection member’s presentation to our congregation, I was introduced to and am privileged to participate in World Vision.  I am the sponsor of a little girl from a rural village in Peru. Eight year old Flor Mili is my special friend. We maintain regular contact with emails, or cards or small packages from me, and letters and drawings from Flor. After her birthday in September, I received a letter and a photo of Flor standing beside a collection of items her family was able to purchase with the birthday money I’d sent (among the items, a bed and a mattress!) Flor’s letters address me, “querida madrina”( translated, “Dear Godmother”),  and always end with a blessing.  I see our relationship as a blessing, a gift from a loving, caring, guiding God. I hope it is the same to Flor. - Tamara Crocker