Faith in Action

Children’s Ministry


My experience at Lutheran Church of the Resurrection has been very fun the last two years. Vacation Bible School (VBS) is fun, Sunday school is even better, and Mt. Cross Lutheran Camp is the best of all!  VBS was fun because we got to worship Jesus, play games, and do activities. One of my favorite songs to sing was “Father Abraham”. My second favorite thing to do at Resurrection is Sunday school.  Sunday school is fun because I get to know people and make new friends. Watching the “Whirl” videos is always very funny to watch while learning about Christ at the same time. Another part I love is when we do things for other people. Some examples are 1) making cards for shut-ins (my favorite), 2) making candy bags for people in the hospital, and 3) making blankets for homeless animals.

BUT my most favorite thing to do through Resurrection is Mt. Cross. I could write page after page about the things and fun activities that Mt. Cross provides. The first thing I love about Mt. Cross is raising money to help pay for the trip. Doing fundraisers is always fun because we do bake sales. The second part I like is driving to Mt. Cross. Driving to Mt. Cross gives my friends and me an opportunity to read and talk and enjoy the ride.  My favorite thing to do at Mt. Cross is make friendship bracelets or lanyards. Another part is listening to the worship band sing at campfire. My favorite song was “Sanctuary”. “All Camp Game” is awesome, too! One time we played the ultimate game of tag. It lasted for 20 minutes! The worst part about is having to say goodbye to the wonderful camp counselors and staff.   Thank you Resurrection!      - Phoebe Wellington (age 10)


The National Youth Gathering:

The National Youth Gathering was my favorite activity with the Youth Group.  Our youth group grew closer to each other through worship, community service projects, and fun activities in the Cobo Center in Detroit, Michigan.   The speakers were inspirational and helped me grow closer in my faith and relationship with God.  The service project was a memorable part of the trip because I learned that no matter what, we are All God’s Children.   Even though we didn’t know the people in Detroit before, we came together as one community to work together to serve God.  The National Youth Gathering had a huge impact on my life and I hope everyone has a chance to experience’s God’s presence in their lives like everyone that attended the trip did.  - Samantha Larsh

Many times have I felt I connected with God, but the Detroit National Youth Gathering definitely stood out for me.   I don't think it was what many people may think of as connecting with God, as I personally did not connect with Him, but I saw God through the people I was with. It was amazing seeing so many Lutherans in one place, being one and becoming the family that God wants us to be. It was a beautiful thing to see people so young experiencing what I was and seeing God through people my age. I didn't connect God through myself. I saw God through the other people there that expressed their love for me, a stranger to most of them.                - Jacquelyn Laskey