Stories of Faith in Action

Prayer Labyrinth

Above my desk is a beautiful picture of the Prayer Labyrinth. This picture was presented to me by Kay Valler.   I remember the many hands that made this creation possible -- including the Boy Scouts, the Property Ministry Team, the Health Ministry Team and the many Resurrection volunteers.  We were a part of “God’s Work our Hands”.   The Labyrinth was a perfect example.  - Ed Babcock




Children’s Ministry – Service Projects: was working in the playground after the 8:00 a.m. service and I came around the corner by the Fellowship Hall after Sunday school was out.   Drake Youngerman was at the far end of the classrooms and came running to me and jumped into my arms.  He was so excited about what he had done in Sunday school and had to tell me all about it.   "We made bags of candy for kids who can't go trick or treating.  We made these bags so they can get some candy too.   It will help make them feel better".   He was just so bubbly and excited about doing this service project he just had to tell someone and I was the lucky one to be there to hear it.   Fortunately Karen Idler was walking nearby and got to hear his excitement as well - it brought a big smile to her face!   - John Wickeraad



Make a Joyful Noise - Bell Choir:

IMG_0032Being a member of the "Make a Joyful Noise" bell choir is indeed a team effort.  A missing member may be likened to a broken piano key.  Definitely not a joyful noise!  It takes each and every person to perform.  Over the years we have formed close friendships and feel that we are blessed to serve our Lord by our participation in bell choir.  We are so fortunate to have had our very talented director, Kim Meder, for the past 25 years.  Members agree that along with her musical and leadership abilities, her greatest asset is her patience.  She is not afraid to take on challenging musical arrangements and even new ringers who may not be able to read music.  The occasion where I personally felt God's love flowing through myself and my fellow "ding-a-lings" (as we sometimes call ourselves) was when we performed for the homeless guests of The Gathering Inn in December of 2014.  We could not have had a more appreciative audience.  I hope that we helped lighten their loads a little, spread some Christmas cheer and that God blessed them through our music.   - Nancy Axthelm