Frequently Asked Questions

There are lots of questions about what the Imagine What God Can Do… capital funding appeal is all about. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

In addition, there will be Q&A sessions on Sunday, April 14th at 8:30, 9:30, and 10:30 in the music room.

Why are we conducting the Imagine What God Can Do… capital funding appeal now?

We are seeking financial freedom. Meeting our goals during this capital appeal will allow us to reduce our debt and immediately free up significantly increased funds for mission.

What are the specific goals of this appeal?

Our goal over the next three years is to raise $1 million — above our current annual giving. This would allow us to pay our entire $14,500 monthly mortgage payment from the Imagine What God Can Do... fund. Besides being used to make the monthly payments, appeal funds would also allow us to reduce the principal owed by an additional $500,000.

This will allow us to:

  • Expand our pastoral team with the addition of an Associate Pastor and a Communications Director
  • Increase ministry staff and custodial time
  • And develop new mission and ministry opportunities

What will the monthly mortgage payment and principal be after three years if we meet the $1 million goal?

Our current mortgage of $1.913 million would be reduced to $1.073 million and the monthly payment would be reduced from $14,477 a month to just $8,800 a month. If the appeal generates $1.25 million, the principal would be reduced to $814,000 and the monthly payment to $6,600.

The long-term vision is to pay down our indebtedness to a level that can be managed through our annual ministry budget without limiting our ability to grow and expand our mission. Our mortgage lender allows us to reamortize our loan once per year so as we continue to reduce the principal we can reduce our monthly payments.

All money received from this appeal will be directly applied to our capital fund. The capital fund will only be used for mortgage payments and principal reduction.

At the same time we’re paying down our mortgage with your generous financial support, Resurrection’s leaders will have the resources to launch a comprehensive discipleship strategy to reach our entire community and provide new programs to incorporate all members into the life of the congregation as they grow in faith through worship, scripture study, fellowship, prayer, giving and serving.

How will adding an Associate Pastor and Communications Director help enhance our ministry?

The Associate Pastor will allow us to increase our discipleship growth and outreach to the community by:

  • Providing leadership and supervision for Youth and Children’s Ministry Staff and leaders, allowing us to significantly increase these programs;
  • Leading Bible studies, overseeing faith formation programs for all ages and developing small-group ministries;
  • Providing pastoral care; supporting Stephen Ministry; and teaching, preaching and leading worship – with a special emphasis on the Contemporary service to attract youth and young families.

The full job description of the Associate Pastor will be developed during the beginning of the call process.

The Communications Director will help increase awareness of Resurrection’s ministries by serving as the coordinator for all internal and external communications. This position will be responsible for planning, organizing and executing all routine and special communications for Resurrection. This will include developing and maintaining the church’s website and social media platforms and regularly adding and updating content that is current, engaging and informative in order to keep our current members completely informed and attract young families to Resurrection’s ministry.

How long will it take to call an Associate Pastor?

The call process can take up to 20 months. For that reason, your Church Council has already begun the process of identifying possible congregation members who could serve on the Call Committee. As a result, once the appeal is well under way, we will have already taken a giant step forward in meeting one of the major goals of this appeal.

How will the Imagine What God Can Do… appeal affect my/our annual giving?

It doesn’t! Your response to this appeal is a totally separate commitment, above and beyond what you currently give to Resurrection’s ongoing ministry needs.

How long am I pledging a commitment to the appeal?

The giving period for this appeal will be three years, from May 1, 2013, through May 1, 2016. Your response card will give you options on how to configure your gift since not all people will want to give in the same way. Some will give one large, up-front gift while others will give a designated amount each week, month, etc.

May gifts other than cash be made?

Absolutely! You are encouraged to think of assets in addition to cash. For many people, this is the best way to give. Giving stocks, property, jewelry, cars or other appreciated assets as a charitable donation can provide tax benefits for you. If you would like to discuss these opportunities, call our consultant Jeff Kjellberg at (651) 274-0159, or his company, Kairos and Associates, at (800) 851-3001, ext. 410.

Can we really raise $1 million?

We believe that God is calling all of us to respond to our many blessings and give generously to support our shared ministry with joy and thanksgiving. The question isn’t really if we, together, have the capacity to do this. Instead, it is about our desire and willingness to share out of our abundance to help make something wonderful happen for the sake of our congregation and the people we long to serve.

How can I be sure that once the funds are available, they will be allocated to the goals outlined in the Imagine What God Can Do… brochure?

An immense amount of work has been undertaken to identify the goals and objectives of the entire congregation. The capital fund appeal process won’t just stop once the pledges are received. The Appeal Team, along with our Church Council, will provide regular updates on our progress towards meeting the goals of our church.

What will happen after this appeal is completed in three years?

Blessed with abundant giving, we will pay down a substantial part of the principal and renegotiate a mortgage with much lower monthly payments. This will free up funds that will allow us to grow and expand. A reduction in principal that is less than $1 million may require another appeal.

How has the Faith Center blessed the mission and ministry of Resurrection?

Our Faith Center has blessed us in so many ways. We are now able to offer a Contemporary Service. We can accommodate numerous church events. We have opened the church to a larger community; i.e., Gathering Inn, the Crafts Fair, churchwide gatherings, LAFF events and more. Over the last 12 months, our membership has increased and we are now ready to take on new challenges that focus on growth and expanded ministry.

Will any of these funds go into Resurrection’s Endowment Fund?

Resurrection’s Endowment Fund is a completely separate fund. Commonly understood as a “perpetual” fund, this fund is a permanent fund, spending only the income from interest, capital gains and dividends.

There was a line item for an unsecured $180,000 loan – what is this and how does it relate to the appeal?

As a kick-start to the appeal, a member generously offered a 0% interest loan to be repaid over 15 years with no payments for three years. These funds were used to pay down our principal and aggressively renegotiate our interest rate to 3.75% fixed for the next three years. This has already lowered our interest by about $20,000 per year.

What should I give?

This is a very personal decision between you and God. Here are some guidelines for your consideration:

  • Reflect on your blessings.
  • Ask God for direction.
  • Pray and meditate over a period of time and be open to the Spirit.
  • Be informed by reading all of the literature provided during this appeal.

How do I designate my donations to either the Annual Ministry Support or to the Imagine..Fund Appeal?

The new envelopes will have both categories listed so you can designate where your donation should be applied to. For online eGivers you can schedule withdrawls and designate the amount to each fund. The amount given to each fund will be recorded and at the end of the year you will be given a statement showing how much you have given to each fund.